To my professors… These past two weeks have been absolutely amazing especially having your classes. Vicente Candonache… I have always known about the nepohuantzintzin but the way you introduced to me really shocked me and I enjoyed every second of your class. In the beginning I didn’t think you could do so much with the nepo but now I know how to add, subtract, divide, multiply and even do square roots because of the knowledge you brought to us in these past 2 weeks. I enjoyed all your stories and games you brought to us and I cant wait to be able to take the knowledge you shared with us and even share it with my school. I also would like to tell you how much I appreciate that you brought danza into our classes because Ienjoy doing danza, i have done it since 6th grade and doing it today brought me so much joy. Today was my last day sitting in those hard plastic chairs in that cold room but I will miss that room for it was always brightened up by the faces of everyone enjoying your class so much. So with this all I can say is thank you.

Shelva Paulse… I have to say I was rather scared of even the thought of college in the beginning of the pitzer program even at the end of my junior year. I had so much fear in my personal statement and even had no clue what I would write about. Well now… with the help of you i can say I cant wait to go to college and i cant wait to begin the process of it. Shelva thank you for all you have taught me and for helping me begin this process of heading towards college. I will never forget any of you 

Peace and love Christine 


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