Today, was our last day in Aztec math, and writing class. I am disappointed to see that i won’t be taught Aztec math anymore. At the beginning of Aztec math, i didn’t get it at all. We were at Pamona college that day. I was there like “What the heck is this?”. It was like learning math all over again. Then i continued to learn more and more. The hardest part for me is probably the long division.  I still don’t get it. I just get lost in the way Vicente teaches because he is so fast with the nipohltzintzin, that i can’t keep up. I then started to get into it. The learning started to get easier. So i think i am pretty good at it, but i’m pretty basic in this field. I just hope to get better at this type of math. Thank you Vicente for teaching us, me, how to do Aztec math.

Same thing with Shelva’s writing class. Shelva has taught me how to properly write and essay. Also with the help of the mentors. In that class, i had the strength to tell a powerful story that i went through. I almost forgot about the common app. Shelva has gotten me to see what is ahead of us. What i have to do to be successful. So thank you Shelva for helping us me.



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