Dream pillow with Julia Bogany: last year I remember we made soap stone necklaces, clapper sticks and baskets. But this year we did something completely different, we were given a little bag which Julia said was called a dream pillow and we didn’t make it but we awew able to color them and decorate them anyway we chose. What I did was I put in the aztec numeral 13 on each four corners of the bag and what that was suppose to represent is that when you multiply 13 by 4, you get 52 and the number 52 is a sacred number in my culture because it is associated with year cycles and correlated with growth and the gestation period of humans. And just for decoration i put in the aztec glyph for Turquoise which is a highly valued stone in my tribes culture along with jade and obsidian. I colored it red because red is a sacred color and is associated with blood (Eztli) and we blood is a very profound and sacred thing and is also representative of the sunset.

DR.Val Thomas: We were sitting in circle and we were talking about some of her history and background as a person of mixed ethnicity and heritage which to be honest was very interesting. She also talked about what she does and teaches in her classes which includes Afro-futurism, decolonization and general history. She also got into genetics and mental fallacies where she started talking about Intergenerational trauma and imposter syndrome which i found to be really cool.

Indigenous games with Hector: It was really cool to be able to re-experience Qechua / Aztec martial arts and discipline and it was really cool to experience the Unison of movement he was talking about. We learned how to do upper, lower, outer and inner blocks and how to shift attackers energy and weight distribution to defend yourself. We also learned how to count in Qechua which was really cool.

Blogging: It was chill, im blogging right now…


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