The concepts of communication and community that we practiced today in Mexican Flower Wars are teaching people to not only watch out and protect yourself,  but also protect the people that mean a lot to you. The game taught us coming together as one and value everyone’s ideas and suggestions; I think that’s what makes a good leader a great one.

43235143132_cd88f29539_zAs I was actually thinking about what environmental and law issues the Navajo Nation has, I feel more aware listening and reading more about the abandoned uranium mines, how to protect the Bear’s Ears National Monument, and even going back to the past and analyzing how The Long Walk still has an affect on our Navajo people today. This has taught me that my generation and others after are the future of the entire community, country, and even the world. Listening to the issues that are going on inspires me to at least read and learn more on about what I can do to help people.


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