First, I wanna say happy birthday to Julia

i’m grateful to be in the presence of someone who has done so much work in their community. She is an amazing leader and adviser and I will pass all that I’ve learned from her to those I can. Today was very fun but it was hot. We took a tour of Pitzer college and got to ask questions that we really wanted to know like financial aid for Pitzer  and different academic opportunities that are unique to this college among other things. I didn’t like walking around in the heat but i’m glad I got that opportunity.  before the tour we had Mayan math which I always enjoy. Santos is such a fresh breath of air, he is so knowledgeable about his culture and he is also a strong presences within his community. He is definitely a role model of mine. We watched a video of a fire ceremony that people in his community shared online. When we were watching the ceremony I remembered the fire ceremonies I participated in with my community. I thought of the pride I felt in those moment during the fire ceremony and I knew those who were in the video were feeling the same sense of pride. They felt no fear in expressing themselves through their roles in the ceremony and I admire that.  I began wishing that I would be able to embodied the same courage but taking larger responsibilities in my school community and pouring my energy into it with no restraints. Today was very chill and i’m sad NY2C is coming to an end.


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