The Photoshop piece that I made was with the Bears Ears behind me with me in front protesting with a protect bears ears board, a deer in the middle of the road, and finally a map of what will happen if we allow companies to start extracting on these lands. Well first of all the national monument established by Barack Obama, then it  was reduced by 85% President Trump did this to increase the jobs in the area which will have disastrous effects on the local ecosystem and destroy the sacred place for Navajos, Hopis, Zunis, and Ute. The deer in the picture represents the local wildlife which will be forced to move to another location due to the effects that are to come. I am protesting in the front of the picture to represent my full support for the protection of this beautiful and sacred site. If we stand together we can save this national monument and we may be even able to save the countless sacred sites for indigenous people all over the U.S and maybe even the world.

Tyvons Bears Ears Project


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