To me, I thought high school was going to be this place where everyone in the entire school become best friends, jump on the tables at lunch and say “we’re all in this together!” When I was a freshman and in high school for the first time, I realized that High School Musical and TV lied about all of that (ridiculous I know). But as the years go by, the more I realize that I’m going to be in college and eventually on my own. When I was a sophomore, I couldn’t wait for senior year and leave my hometown. Recently this year, however, junior year was coming to an end and I start to feel a little doubt in myself. It’s the kind of doubt when you feel like you don’t belong in the college environment with other kids outside the reservation and you feel intimidated by where they come from and how rigorous their classes were when they were in high school. I was also clueless on how to do the whole college application process until Ms. Shelva showed us how last year. I felt more at ease and even confident on going to college, especially the support I receive from my family and friends. I was told by people before me that senior year is the year that you got to work hard than you’ve ever did before and it’s going to be tough. Whatever senior year has waiting for me, I’ll be ready for it. I don’t care how hard school is going to get, all I know is I’m finishing strong, walking across that stage and getting my diploma. I will reach my horizon.horizon.jpg


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