For these past couple days we have had a jammed schedule and most of these sessions have been real deep conversations. One sessions was with Julia and was about what our ancestors left us and what we are going to leave the future generation when we leave this world. We also have learned a lot about Mayan math and which was a bit confusing until we understood the concept. One thing that will really help me is the academic writing because it is about the personal essay for the common college application. The thing that was really amazing was the basket weaving. I easily caught on which made it more easy for me to finish quickly. On Sunday we had a photo shoot and everyone had time to take pictures and be the director and be the documentary person. we learned how to photo shop us into other backgrounds and edit them so we actually look like we are in the pictures. Today we had a presentation about animation of anatomy. For this presentation the lady was the person who made some of the human and animal figures in the Disney movies. For instance she did the movie Mulan,  The Lion King, Trazan, and Brother Bear. Overall I think these presentations will be helpful in the long run.


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