Always A Puppet by James Fenelon

The tables have turned

In this photo I have edited in a picture of myself with materialistic wealth. Most people decide they want to have these things just by seeing the shallow happiness it brings. However, most people don’t realize what you have to lose to get “wealthy” in this society. The gem above my head is a reference to the game Sims which involved the player controlling different characters with gems over their heads. What this means in this context is that in order to get “wealthy” in this society you have to play by it’s rules and must be willing to lose some of your value systems. Realistically wealth can come in whatever you value which can be family, honesty, and helping others. Your value system is key to what you consider true wealth. Happiness can be attained without the procurement of materialistic objects.


Tyvon’s thoughts of the last few days

Sadly the program is coming to a close and that point in which we will all say goodbye but we still have time. The few days have been packed with fun activities such as the Pitzer and Pomona college tours have had me interested in the choosing these colleges after high school. But I am drifting toward applying for Pomona because they have a great STEM program and the local environment is very friendly for everyone. The Limu islands tour was also another an amazing experience since I had the honor to appreciate the beauty of the island and the culture of the Chumash people. And today the presentation with Bradley Henson who taught us how herbal medicines used by indigenous peoples actually may have health benefits better than modern medicine and how we can apply this towards our communities. So this program has provided me with new experiences that will benefit me in the future so I say thanks to all the staff, mentors and the people behind the scenes who made this possible for me.

Isaac’s blog

i am going to talk about the when we went to the island. It was really cool to go visit some of the cultural spots of the Chumash people. we went snorking and it was cool to see the kelp and some fish. we also go to see a rock the looks like an elephant. i also like the western u think they talked about how some of them helped make movies and i though that was really cool that we got to meet someone who helped make my childhood movies.

Jarrod’s Blog

Today we had a talk about Edison, they were talking about saving energy and how they can give big check scholarships for college. I thought this was interesting because if you work for Edison you can get some other money. An then the whole animation talk was very interesting. Mostly because it turns out these animation companies actually do research on certain things they don’t know. Like head shapes and even how a baby deer’s body works. I also liked learning that some characters have to be turned into a unrealistic design, such as the main character in “Dinosaur”.

Reflection about the last few days- Ben

Two days ago we basket weaved and it was a great experience! Although I did it last year, I still needed to get help. While I was in the middle of my basket, my main part of the basket broke on me. So I ended up doing a small basket but it still turned out great. Yesterday we had a class about “what we are leaving behind?”. It was a good topic because it made me think about what I’m going to contribute to the next generation.  Today we had a talk about Green energy and jobs. The topic was good and the people that presented the information made me want to see about that career. After that we had a tour of Pomona College and it expanded my mind to this opportunity. I found out some information and I’m considering the college but I’m still not sure about my career choice, lol. Just after that we had a class about Anatomy and Animation. It was cool but the coolest part was meeting a lady who did designs in movies I watched as a kid. It was like meeting a celebrity. Today was very productive and I hope the next few days are going to be the same.

Weaving Worlds of Medicine by James Fenelon


The weaving of modern medicine and native medicine is key to the progression of the medical field. As mentioned by Dr. Henson, old native sources of foods like the Chaga mushroom can be the answer to complex illnesses like cancer. Bradley Henson was pushed to desperation to find a treatment for his father’s liver cancer. He then turned to the Chaga mushroom of his ancestors. This treatment helped significantly with his father’s illness. While we cannot dismiss the major leaps forward we’ve had in modern medicine, we should consider treatments from different cultural backgrounds on an equal playing field when doing tests. Native communities hold more answers than we think, we just have to learn to listen.

Joesph’s day at Pitzer

For these past couple days we have had a jammed schedule and most of these sessions have been real deep conversations. One sessions was with Julia and was about what our ancestors left us and what we are going to leave the future generation when we leave this world. We also have learned a lot about Mayan math and which was a bit confusing until we understood the concept. One thing that will really help me is the academic writing because it is about the personal essay for the common college application. The thing that was really amazing was the basket weaving. I easily caught on which made it more easy for me to finish quickly. On Sunday we had a photo shoot and everyone had time to take pictures and be the director and be the documentary person. we learned how to photo shop us into other backgrounds and edit them so we actually look like we are in the pictures. Today we had a presentation about animation of anatomy. For this presentation the lady was the person who made some of the human and animal figures in the Disney movies. For instance she did the movie Mulan,  The Lion King, Trazan, and Brother Bear. Overall I think these presentations will be helpful in the long run.