The past few days have been completely jam-packed with discussions and activities. Ever since we came back from Wishtoyo, we have been exposed to many things to keep us on our feet. Because of that I am a couple of blog posts behind from being so busy but I’ll update that soon. I personally love when we join together in our talking circles. It allows for all of us to open up to each other and gain new understandings. In a discussion we had with Auntie Julia yesterday, we discussed what are ancestors left to us and what we can leave for future generations. My ancestors left for me my culture which makes me. They left me their wisdom and strength to carry his power I possess and grow to spread my knowledge. For future generations I hope to leave my knowledge and past experiences. I hope to grow wise and fufill my duty on this earth. I hope to always be remembered and leave a lasting impact on many. We also were able to connect through basket weaving and a drum circle with Auntie Josie. Basket weaving brought back good memories of the past. It was so interesting seeing how all of our baskets turned out so unique like each one of us. The drum circle was one of my favorite activities throughout the program. We were able to unite through songs and the energy throughout that night was special. Throughout these past couple of days we also toured both the pitzer and pomona campuses. I’ve toured both before however this time I gained more information which eased my nerves regarding the transition from high school to college since I will be starting my senior year this fall. 42763014054_3998546da4_z (1).jpg


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