Hello everyone, I’m Arlene. Two days ago we did basket weaving with Auntie Sisquoc. I loved it! It was easy to understand and if I got lost or needed help someone would jump in and help me. The first basket I did in my Art Class, it didn’t go so well. The second basket I did, with Auntie Sisquoc, my basket looked amazing. I think it’s because I did it before and her instructions were much easier than my teachers.

I love Indigenous games! I’m really bad at it but everyone around me helps me out whenever I’m struggling. In my opinion, some of the games where we have communicate with each other and I feel like we bond a little I guess. In Indigenous games, we have to really focus on several of the games and if we don’t pay attention to our surroundings, we might get hit with a thick stick. I really enjoy going to Indigenous games, sometimes it’s a work out but oh well.




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