The past week and a half have taught me way beyond what I was expecting. Starting with basket weaving. I would like to Thank lorene for coming out and showing all of my peers how important baskets are to our culture, and how we had to pick the reed and then use our patience and skills to make the baskets. Next I am going to talk about the pitzer and pomona college tours. During the Pitzer tour it was very interesting to learn about different events that occur on campus. The Pomona tour was also very interesting because we got to learn more in depth about how everything works, what we can do on campus, and what requirements are needed to be considered. Moving on I am going to talk about mayan math. For me i feel like my strengths for mayan math were in the the adding part and my weaknesses were in the calander part. I learned how to snorkle and kayak while i was at limu as well. For me something that was powerful for me was the drum circle and the talking circle. The drum circle was powerful because i was able to express myself loudly by singing and following a stick to the skin of the drum with the beat. The talking circle was also powerful because I was able to share things that i have never shared with anyone because I knew I was in a safe enviorment.


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