soooooo thinking about going home pains me but i’m glad to get away from all these chilren….. just kidding. I met so many positive people and i’ve seen my peers open up to one another and that brings joy to me. just thinking about how two weeks ago we had no idea who each other was and now we are all joking together and feel comfortable to express themselves. This program gave us the opportunity to learn how to live our life with passion and how to navigate college as an indigenous student. I also learned things about my self here and i believe that i’m leaving her with a better understanding of my path and how i want to walk down that road. I was grateful to have been able to get in touch with my musical side which I think has been oppressed for a while now. Meeting people who bring out the things you truly want to do is what i found in those i met. when we visited the chumash village the most beautiful moments was sitting the siliq for until the sun went down singing song and feeling the energy of the fire with people I had such a good time with. this program has been a very deep experience for me and i’m glad my last summer in high school was so fun


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