Today is our final blogging session 😦 I know you are all so sad to hear it.

This blog post has two parts. Please respond to BOTH prompts. 

1.  Write to your mentors, teachers, Elders and anyone else who has helped or guided you throughout these two weeks. Acknowledge them for what they did for you. Part of living life is getting help and saying Thank You.

2.  Write about your biggest takeaway from this experience.  What have you learned here and how will you apply this to your life back home, in school, etc….

If you need help remembering names or events, just ask!

If you have not yet written a statement about the photo you created in Photoshop… 

Please write another post saying why you chose the different images you did, and what message are you trying to convey by putting these pieces together. What does this photo mean to you? How do you want people to feel or react, and what do you want them to understand when they see it?

Add a JPEG image of your photo to the post. Let us know when you are ready and we will help you export your photo as a JPEG.


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