I photoshopped me at eagle rock that is near my reservation. I photoshopped myself at eagle rock because i have admired it for so longer since when i am going to my reservation and point it out every single time. I have always wanted to visit it up close but i couldn’t every time. So i photoshopped myself there with my clapping stick that i made last year. And i used the eagle because i wanted it to represent the rock. I used the coyote because at my reservation, there are many animals but i have admired the coyote the most.

jarrod eagle rock edit final

Since it’s my last blog, i would like to thank Adrian, Michelle, Aolani and Elizabeth for helping me out through a tough time and constantly checking up on me. I would also thank them for being really good friends throughout the program and even if i don’t see them again, i wont forget what they did for me. And my biggest take away was when we went to Limuw, when i was on the boat i felt a sudden happiness, just the scent of the ocean and seeing the dolphins. It made me stress less and helped me calm myself down. And the Snorkeling and the Kayaking got rid of a fear of me being in the ocean.


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