From the mentors to teachers and the elders to youth, every has given a piece of their knowledge and love to me. All the mentors have given me a path to make and follow that fits my plans for the future. When surrounded by them, they give me the opportunity to have a fun side to everything while also having the discipline to be mature at the most appropriate points during the program. The teachers and professor have given me a image and a mold to follow as end product after collegial school has ended. They informant empower me to give myself and reach that certain goal. The elders have shared much wisdom with everyone in the program. Without our elders, the rest of us wouldn’t be certain of the path that needs to be taken or a certain role that we are supposed to fulfill. Our elders are the people who ground us and help reflect on ourselves and our actions. But finally the youth are the ones who have made this trip so worth while. The happiness of the youth ignites such a positive energy from me that gives me moments and memories to cherish. Everyday I would wake up such united and cheerful energy that kept wanting stay. The have had the most profound impact on my life and I greatly appreciate meeting and knowing everyone.


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