Doing photo shop was definitely a challenge yet I managed to get it done. In the beginning all we had to do was find pictures that we thought meant something to us. My two first instincts were a Tongva village and a soccer field. I thought of a Tongva village for obvious reasons one being that Tongva a part of who I am and villages are sacred to us. I thought of a soccer field too for obvious reasons one being that I grew up playing the sport, two being its something that brings my family together whether were yelling at the ref or hyping up our team. I chose to wear my chaw because its part of the traditional regalia that we wear. I also chose to have a raddle in my hand because it is a sacred instrument to my tribe and when I was younger I used it while dancing to traditional songs. I had switched up one of my background images to the Tongva park sign. I chose to change it because I felt that was a sacred area for my tribe. My images have lots of meaning to them from being barefoot to having my hair down. marissa tongva park42784425684_8c7a84385b_z


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