“Spirit Game” Review

I would say that tonight I learned so much as an indigenous womyn. I had the privilege of watching Spirit Game, a documentary on the history of lacrosse. I think it was very educational for those who don’t know the true history of the sport. OBVIOUSLY I THOUGHT THE PRODUCTION WAS AMAZING. I hope that my fellow camp-mates saw the beauty and integrity as I did while watching. I’m so blessed to have experienced this.


The First Day

So today was interesting and entertaining. I got to Pitzer  for opening ceremony ON TIME (unlike last year). Ceremony was very medicinal and the energy in the room was super calm and relaxed which I think is amazing considering it was the first day for all of us. After catching up with old friends from last year, I went to my room and immediately unpacked everything and got settled. As you can tell, I’m pretty excited to be here again this year. Last year really changed me a lot as an Indigenous person, womyn and as an individual so to have the privilege to be back here and experience it all over again is just heavenly to me. Pure bliss. After packing my many, many things that I don’t need, I headed over to lunch and…well…ATE! Then I headed over to the theater room with my earphones blasting Electric PowWow Drum by A Tribe Called Red on, hands on hips, and looking at the murals painted across the campus. They all have such a true meaning to them. We did a lot of exercises and ice breakers in theater and i LOVE icebreakers because the feelings of awkwardness isn’t an individual thing. Everyone feels weird and cringe so yeah. Then we talked with our mentors and learned about eachother a lot. Tons of personal stories and amazing words of wisdom. We then went to make clapper-sticks with Auntie Julia Bogany and I had the privilege of talking with Sara about our lives and people we’ve come across with whom we both know so I’m happy I made a new friend. Then, was dinner and again, I ATE!! We met with Julia again and had a circle and talked about who our rocks in our life is. I chose my mom. I have never met someone who loves me so much in the world. She is my best friend and my everything. I love her. Then Alejandro sang the whale hunting song that he shared with me and it was awesome. I felt… empowered! And now, we’re blogging. I missed writing about my days. After this, me, Neeka, Huitzilin and Sylena are going to burn some incense outside and just chill and reflect on our day. So stoked!!


My Experience back Home

Well, i’ve been to Wishtoyo and Limuw and to be completely honest, i feel more at peace with myself. i don’t feel trapped in society anymore even though that’s exactly what i am. society. i feel less stressed and more powerful. it was amazing to see my aunts uncles, grandparents, cousins and mom welcoming us into the village. i say that if you forget what day it is, you’re spending your time perfectly. And that’s what happened. every day i’d hear “WHAT DAY IS IT?! SATURDAY??” i felt love and happiness and i’m so grateful to have spent it with these amazing people. we’ve honestly connected in a way that i can’t describe without crying. We’ve all been through a lot together, as one, that’s what makes us special. So at Wishtoyo, my take-away would be seeing the world with a third eye. A way of learning and living that no one else would understand. i still feel like i’m there.for Limuw, probably how it’s not bad to show your culture. NEVER! because “From the moment we are born and out of the womb, we scream and cry. and that is the sound of freedom.” Matt has a beautiful way with words. my god…sometimes it shocks me to know that i can call him family. I’m grateful… so with that, good night. and remember, i will always pledge allegiance to my culture!

theatre prompt

The object i put on the alter was a ring that my best friend gave me a couple of months ago. It made me think of my best friend, Adrianna. she’s the love of my heart and my favorite human being.i put the ring on the alter because she needs prayers right. she’s really struggling with life…

a tradition that has meaning to me is every christmas eve, my whole family meets at my grandma’s house and we wait till midnight and open presents. i love spending time with my family and we just have a great night.

a tradition i’d like to create in the future is having a pumpkin pie eating contest with my family. just think about how dope that’d be.

Back Again : Tina

Hakû! So today was amazing. Ok, I’m like honestly in love with Pitzer. Everyday I wake up in a good mood and spend it with amazing, beautifully-spirited people. Some are starting to grow on me, I’ve made a lot of new friends and the mentors are AMAZING!!! Anywhoosies, this morning we did the martial arts. It’s a great way to wake you up in the morning and give you energy in a different, wonderful way that not a lot of people get to experience. Once again, I am so grateful to be this lucky and get to spend two weeks in paradise. After academic writing, we looked up scholarships. This made me so stoked because i think about all of the help i can get if i just out myself out there. Also, i looked at The Juilliard School in New York and I think i might make it there. The confidence and experience i have with theatre and the arts makes me happy that theres a school just for me. Today in theatre, we became animals. i would say “pretend” but there was nothing fake about it. i love the class so much. right now I’m blogging typing this and my mind is going blank. these past two days have been emotional for me and others, so some parts of yesterday and today i didn’t share because i don’t want to be sad again. I like writing a lot but i just can’t remember anything without having the emotions crowd on me… sorry.

Tina Día Dos

Hey, Tina again. So today was crazy exciting. I’m actually shocked at how much we did today. It’s unreal. Okay, so this morning we woke up at 6:30 and it was funny because I remember waking by hearing Alysha knocking on the door and Chemoa was still sound asleep so I decided to go back to sleeping…NEXT THING YOU KNOW it’s 6:50 and i knew we had to meet at the clock tower by 6:55. So i wake Chenoa up and we speed walk over. But it was funny because when we got there, we see that not a lot of people were there yet. What a relief. The instructor, Hector taught us so much this morning. We learned self-defense and how to turn other’s energy back at them. To me, it was refreshing and calming, yet energizing and insane. All i can say is that i am so excited for tomorrow morning. Anyways, after the class we made our way to breakfast. Nick and I filled up big time. After our meal, we went to the academical writing with Mrs.Hurley and we discussed our experiences with college applications and our background with those experiences. Something that opened my eyes is we were showed a graph and on it I saw that the White/Asian students fill up the population way more than the Native American/African American/Hispanic for college students. So I’m thinking “Great. I don’t have a chance.” But then it occurs to me that i WILL get into college and i WILL kick butt. So take that! After that, we drove to Pamona College and learned about a worm and how the little organism’s brain is similar to a human’s. Crazy, right? We also did a really cool lab experimenting with them. We then had lunch. After that, we drove to Pamona Museum where we met Rick and Steve, two non-native workers at the museum whose knowledge on native peoples amazed me. Lori showed us how to weave baskets (I decided to give it to my grandma). Later, we did images of Indians with Pamela Peters. It was kind of like film analysis. It really opened my eyes. After dinner, We had theatre and did all of these cool exercises and improv. My second day was amazing! 

Tina: Día Uno

Hakû, Cristina kaki! I am Chumash, O’odham, Hispanic and African American. I am a junior at Long Beach Polytechnic High School in Long beach, California where I was born and raised. I am 16 years young. My hobbies are acting, listening to music and just straight-up chilling. This is my first year attending the Pitzer College. My dream job is to be a theatre arts teacher or something theatre oriented. So, today was my first day joining the program and the moment I stepped out of the car, I was greeted by Nick, Agnes and Dani. I am so excited to see what these two weeks have in store. Stay tuned!!!