Blog Prompt Arlene

Everyone guided me wherever I went. If I was confused(which I was a lot) everyone explained to how to do the problem or where I was supposed to be. I really enjoyed the program I made so many friendships with people. It was super fun to experience all these wonderful moments with these amazing people. I’m more outgoing and less shy speaking out loud in front of a group. This program was amazing I loved it a lot and I had a lot of fun. Thank you all for helping me out when I needed it your amazing!


Blog Prompt Arlene

Hello everyone I’m Arlene. The reason I created those photos of me in the water and in the winter was I just like those places first of all and how anyone can be in that weather. One of the photos was me balancing on a rock with snow, a wolf sleeping, and I guess a dove about to fly away. The other one was of me just feeling the breeze near the beach. There was a dolphin jumping out of the water and a baby turtle coming into the water for the first time I guess.


Reflection- Basket Weaving & Indigenous Games. Arlene

Hello everyone, I’m Arlene. Two days ago we did basket weaving with Auntie Sisquoc. I loved it! It was easy to understand and if I got lost or needed help someone would jump in and help me. The first basket I did in my Art Class, it didn’t go so well. The second basket I did, with Auntie Sisquoc, my basket looked amazing. I think it’s because I did it before and her instructions were much easier than my teachers.

I love Indigenous games! I’m really bad at it but everyone around me helps me out whenever I’m struggling. In my opinion, some of the games where we have communicate with each other and I feel like we bond a little I guess. In Indigenous games, we have to really focus on several of the games and if we don’t pay attention to our surroundings, we might get hit with a thick stick. I really enjoy going to Indigenous games, sometimes it’s a work out but oh well.



July 16, 2018 Arlene

Hello I’m Arlene. Today was a pretty chill day. We went to Writing and read a students essay on a website and did group work. Next, was Mayan Math. Well, we didn’t really do Mayan math but we had to make a sentence in Mayan language. We also watched a video on Thirteen B’aktun or something like that. After lunch the tour people came and gave us a tour of Pitzer College. That didn’t really make sense because we’ve already been here for over a week. Anyways, that was interesting. I went in the pool for free time than went to the Yoga room. After we did a talking circle on what our ancestors left behind and in the future what we want to leave behind.

Wishtoyo Trip ~ June 10-13, 2018 Arlene

28544926917_0157db8acc_z (1)During the Wishtoyo Trip, we had a lot of fun! We cooked together several meals and they were great. At night, we slept outside to look at the sky and also the Milky Way. In the Siliq, it had so much positive energy in it. Once I walked into the Siliq, all the stress and worries I had were like lifted off of me. We sang songs, told stories, and I feel like we bonded more. Channel Islands was beautiful! Kayaking is harder than it seems.

July 9, 2018

Hello, my name is Arlene. The first class I went to was Writing. We finished the prompt we picked and peer edit. The next class was, Mayan Math. We got split four different groups to play a Mayan game. The game I played was, we needed to pick the letters from our energy card. We played different games in Video Game Design. Some things we talked about was what games we used to play when we were kids and how their played. The professor spit us up into different groups where we had to create a game with a ball. My group, separated desks and tried to bounce the ball onto all of the desks separated, into the bucket/trashcan. Later, we watched a movie called Spirit Games. It was really interesting I highly recommended it.

Solving Big Problems

I’m Arlene, and today was very busy. The first class was Writing, we researched college applications and where we want to go. When I researched the career I want to pursue in, I noticed that several colleges I didn’t even know were great The next class was, Mayan Math. I understood the math yesterday kind of but not today. It was very confusing, I got lost easily and it was interesting at the same time if that makes sense. The first class we had was writing and we talked about how environment issues that’s affecting people and laws that harm our community. It was a very interesting topic that we discussed with each other. 28420236547_6008810387_z

Arlene’s First Day! July 6, 2018

Hello Everyone that’s reading this, I’m Arlene McDonald from Lancaster. We drove here and got to meet new people. After orientation, my family said their goodbyes and left to go to the beach. I settled into our dorm then did IceBreaker. The game was fun but hard to remember everything what other people said. After we ate lunch we made a dream pillow. We had a speaker named Val come in and talk about her experiences, what she dose, etc. She was very inspiring to never stop and keep trying. We ate dinner after that, the did Martial Arts with Hector. He taught us self defense moves and it was fun. That was my day!29379045498_5bd0b05e4a_z