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These past two weeks have been very emotional , but i’m going to miss all my friends:(!!!!!!!.




Rose’s Questions :Chenoa Isaacs

Suuhh dudes

I would put this necklace that my moms late boyfriend gave me on the altar. The reason why I would put that on the altar because he just it to me one night. The necklace is a deer antler carved as a eagle head. When he gave it to me he said how much he loves me and how special I was to him. When ever I look at it one my wall it always reminds me of that night, he was so special to me and  I miss him so much. A tradition that really means a lot for me is the powwow in Brentwood. I always go there every summer but this year I’m missing it because I’m at this program. The powwow actually starts really soon, and I’m really sad about that. I love the powwow so much just hanging out with my family and friends, and just eating, and watching everyone dance and sing. I have two cousins and our birthdays are on the same day so we would all have a birthday party together. We would invite everyone where we live and just have fun together and laugh .


Chenoa’s Second Day

SUUHH dudes

Today was a decent day:) we all woke up like around 7 to do martial arts and stuff. I got to learn things that i never new to do, we all so had this circle that we smudged ourselves it was really nice. We all went to Pomona Museum after to do baskets, and i really liked mine basket and everyone’s.

Chenoa Isaacs

Suuhh DUDES!!!!!

My name is Chenoa Isaacs and I’m from Canada, BC. I live on Tseycum Reservation. I really love listening to music, and exploring in the nature. The school that I go to is called Parkland Secondary I’ll be going to grade 11. I took this class in grade 10 and it was Marine Science 10. I love the marine life, and thats what I’m really interested in:) I really love the ocean I feel like I have a connection, it makes me really calm when i look at it. I love canoeing on the ocean when I look down I see all the seaweed, and it makes me wonder whats under there.

BYE BYE!!!!!