Day 3

One thing that will make it hard for a Native American to attend college is that there isn’t that many who go that far in life. Another good example would be that they might not have someone who motivates them.  Something that could make it difficult for a native american to attend college is they might not be self motivated or just to shy. The other reason why i think it would be hard to go to college is your peers might bring your confidence down. Lastly I think it might be expensive.

A concept that stood out to me today it when we were learning about different colleges. It was interesting to me because it was different to me and it really made me want to look more into the colleges that i was looking at.

Day 2

Going to college is important to me because my mother and father never had a chance to go but they still push and motivate me to go. It will also play a big role later in life. Another reason why going to college is important to me because it will hopefully inspire my little siblings and cousin to go as well. The next reason I want to go to college is so I can later support my family. Last but not least I want to experience college.

Today we started off the day with some yoga. Later during the day we went to acting class and learned how to communicate. Then we were introduced to the college application teacher. After that we spoke about our book, later we talked about genetics. We ended the day swimming at Scotts house.

hello my name is duke

Hello, my name is Duke Briones i’m from soboba reservation. One of the things i really love to do is to play football, the position i play is linebacker and fullback. The other thing i love to do is paintball since it’s all about working with your team mates and just having fun. The reason i applied for this pipeline is because i wanted to try something new. I also think this will be a good reflection later in life. The first day at the pipeline was new and just about getting to know everyone.