One thing that will make it hard for a Native American to attend college is that there isn’t that many who go that far in life. Another good example would be that they might not have someone who motivates them.  Something that could make it difficult for a native american to attend college is they might not be self motivated or just to shy. The other reason why i think it would be hard to go to college is your peers might bring your confidence down. Lastly I think it might be expensive.

A concept that stood out to me today it when we were learning about different colleges. It was interesting to me because it was different to me and it really made me want to look more into the colleges that i was looking at.


2 thoughts on “Day 3

  1. Hey duke do you want to share one college that you looked at? When I was looking at colleges I wanted to go to school ONLY in California and ha ha I got lucky!

  2. Duke – We are so glad that you took the chance to be part of the summer program this year. Its awesome to have Soboba represented this year and to have your father and Mr. Marcus sing for Orientation was amazing….
    We are also happy that you are learning about colleges and open to exploring your future.

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