The last blog

1) The comment I would like to make about my Native Youth Guide is to try to get it out there and show people my story and my time in the pipeline.

2) The way I would show my information by telling my school about it because I know they will be really suporative and especially tell my parents about it.



1)The common app is helpful in so many ways, one way is you can look up a college your interested in and it has all the information ranging from when you can send the application in and it also has all the majors.

2) What students need to do to prepare for the common app is know where they live, an email, number the would be easy to contact and just things like that.

3) The reason why it’s important to research on what college you want to attend because you might thing it’s one thing when it’s another. For instance you might think the school’s football team isn’t as beast a you thought they were.

4) The reason why it’s important to write a strong essay for your college is because just the way you word things might change there mind on excepting you.

5) Some tips on how to write a good, strong essay would be rereading it over many times not only that but letting others read it because they might see mistakes you don’t see. Another good way would be not to write about anything that is boring or too long because the reader had a life to.

6) Some tips on how to engage the reader would always say something that would catch there attention.


1) The sweat lodge really helps me clear my mind and makes me focus on the main things that are important and mean the most instead of the little things. Also when I’m singing with my elders it helps me open my eyes and see right from wrong. Another thing that I really is important is learning my language because when I talk to certain people it’s cool that i understand them.

2) It helps me because when I pray I think about my rez and about the others who said they were going to go to college but never did so it kind of makes me say to my self it’s something I need to do.

3)The way I prepare my self for giving back to my community is by telling the young one’s how important it is to go to college or just school in-general and how helpful it is going to be in the future.

A day and a half

1) The crafts that I made were a neckless that I unfortunately didn’t get a chance to finish because my stone broke but I still had fun making it and a clapper stick witch was real easy to make since it wasn’t my first.

2) The lesson that I related to the most when I made the neckless because once Ray showed me I really got the hang of it.

3) My over all favorite cultural experience had to be when we stayed in the ops because I never stayed in something like that and just knowing that he made all of those thing by hand is cool.


Native Pride

1) It’s important for Native Youth to tell their story because we need to get the word out who we are like what type of people we are.

2) I don’t really have a story to tell but a story I think should be told is how our people got separated and now how were rebuilding.

3) A film that is my favorite would have to be Smoke Signals because it a true film and it also has an interesting story to go along with it. Another reason why this film is my favorite is because old most every native have watched it.


The college that I decided to look up was the University of San Diego. Some activities that students can attend off campus are things such as rock climbing, hiking, surfing, camping to build student responsibility or even staying a night some where to get out of comfort zone.

Today :]

My favorite part about cooking today with Kim Marcus would have to be when we were doing the processes because he told us what to do and what the uses were for the plant. My job in making wiiwish was grounding up the acorns. It is good protein and fat for the body even tho it may taste like dirt.

Home sweet Home

One thing I miss about home is having clean clothes all the time. I also miss how my little siblings ask me to help them with things for example help cleaning up their mess. The thing that makes it hard being away from home is always wondering if my family is okay. Another reason why it’s hard being away from home because I’m a leader there and here I’m like in my own world by myself. One thing I like about being away from home is people don’t look at me like as if I’m a big mistake. Today was kind of challenging because it was the most I ever missed home and it made me realize how much to appreciate my parents and what I have.

Day 5

1) I thought It was pretty cool to see the medicine jacket because I never seen one up close and gotten to observe It. It even gave me the chills at one point. I was kinda upset to because the person that was showing us all around didn’t really know much about any of the artifacts.

2) The thing that I’m looking into is child development and the way it can relate to college is if there is a kid who is taught who they are at a young age it is better then waiting for someone to tell you who you are or let the society tell them who they are.

3) Today was interesting because I was touched that one of the elders gotten to have an unforgettable experience at seeing some old artifacts. I also liked when I gotten to see how other tribes made things different.

Day 4

The two recourses that were very useful were, People that are preparing me for college would have to be my parents since they always tell me to push it in school. Another person I would like to recognize is an elder kim marcus. Also when I’m at school the teachers around Noli are very helpful. I’m helping my self prepare for college by asking people who had experience how it was and how it affected them. Well where I’m from not a lot of people get the chance to go to college so i think just by going would be inspiring to others and my siblings as well.

Reflection: Today was interesting because we had a meeting about lady’s that gone missing in canada and people have found remaining’s of them. It’s sad but it also make me want to speak up for theres families.