Isaac’s blog

isaacThe photoshopping was fun. I got to learn how to learn how to photoshop some stuff into a picture. i think i could make more pictures and just have fun with it. also make more about native americans. i like the way mine came out. what the picture means to me is that i am connected to the water and eagles are a big part of my culture and a part of my tribe. My experience being here was fun and I will take what I learned and share it with my community. Also the mentors where awesome this year. They helped us with anything we needed and also made sure that we where focused and on task.


Isaac’s blog

i am going to talk about the when we went to the island. It was really cool to go visit some of the cultural spots of the Chumash people. we went snorking and it was cool to see the kelp and some fish. we also go to see a rock the looks like an elephant. i also like the western u think they talked about how some of them helped make movies and i though that was really cool that we got to meet someone who helped make my childhood movies.

isaac’s blog

today was fun we got to photoshop our selves into a picture and learn how the processes works to coping yourself in a picture. we also got to tour more about the college and it was alright because we got to learn about the the app. process of applying to college.

Isaac’s blog

today was fun. we got to do the indigenous games and we got to learn how to take away a weapon. we also got to make some baskets. It was fun to make the baskets because i made one last year and i use it for my coins. the one i made this year i am going to give it to my sister. washtoyo was fun to i liked the swimming part was fun. we also did kayak. i had fun on the way to the island where we did the swimming and kayaking.

Isaac’s 4th day: Spirit Game

This was the second time watching the movie and even though it was me second time it is still good. i think i would be good if everyone should be able to see this movie. i had my hopes up and alway think the they are going to win at the end of the game. it reminded me of my tribe and on how we have a somewhat sport the has been around for years. the sport is called war canoe racing and i have been racing for like 5 years. it is a big thing for my tribe. we have a festival every year and it is called stommish and everyone is welcome to come and watch all of the tribes race. we have 7 and under up to 45 and over. they race with a lot of other people.

Isaac’s 3rd day

Today was alright. It was kinda slow but it was fun learning about the flower game. we did a couple of rounds and go t to come together as one. we all had a part to do when we played the flower game. the last activity of the day was alright we got to learn about what the US has been doing trough out the years. for example they have been trying to bring down the of the illegal immigration. i got to learn a little more about mayan math. i didn’t get it at first but after today i kinda understood it a little more then what i did the first time.

Isaac- Day #13

there is a lot that i am taking from those classes. i have learned how to write a good essay to a college. i have learned that technology is not always correct. i will never forget any of the teachings and the knowledge that was given to me. i want to get to know more about the different cultures. i am sad that i have to leave but i am coming back next year.

Isaac- Day#12

today the talk with all of the meetings we had. the one with where we were talking about colonization. i though the words he said was really touching because i want to learn more about my culture and not the colonist way of the history. i think it is kinda messed up how we the schools keep the actual history from us. i want to know how my ansestors where. i am going to start looking into the history about it though.

Isaac- Day 11

today was really chill and fun. we went to western u. we go tot look at some dead bodys. i got to learn how the heart works. it was really cool to actually hold a really human heart. that is something i thought i would ever do, nut i did an it was really cool. i don’t think i would ever be a doctor though. it was really cool to experience that.