Last Blog :(

This was my third year at this program and sadly my last. It’s so sad seeing great friends that I made leave especially my Washington friends!! This program brought me out of my shell and made me into a different person. I’m also gonna miss my Wishtoyo family. Going over there visiting them making them feel like I’m part of there family especially when I’m gone away from my own family. Well these three years were the best part of my summer and I’m gonna miss everybody that I made friends. Hopefully I’ll come back and visit everyone again. With all the love goodbye!!!




My third and last time at Wishtoyo was very different this year than the last two years. I learned more stuff and their culture. I’m gonna miss all the people because they treated me like their own family. Something that I liked was the women ceremony it really open my heart to the people. It was my first time experience something like this and I really liked it. I’m gonna everyone over there and going to the island. That was the highlight of my trip because I celebrated my birthday which made 10x better. Hopefully next year I’ll be able to come back and visit everyone!



  1. A object that I would place on the alter is my grandpa hat that was from the military. He always wore that hat and when he passed away we put it on the coffin for him. I thought of him because he was always there for my family and kept the family together even through tough times he was alway the one to keep the fam together.
  2. A tradition that has meaning to me is every 4th of July we always have competion with our neighbors on who has the best fireworks.


Heyy so today we a lot today as we usually do everyday. Today was fun we went to Western University and looked at a virtual reality anatomy lab and actually looked at a real heart, lungs, and kidneys. I thought it was really cool to see real hearts, lungs, and kidneys bc I wanna go into the medical field and the human body interests me. It also hard to process that these were actual real human parts. We also searched for scholarships which is really good because I’m going to be a senior and I’m gonna need it. Okay that is all for today we are actually gonna dissect a sheep brain and I’m kinda excited! Peace


Day 4

Today we made food with Marcus Kim and he taught us some tradition food from his tribe and I felt honored that we taught us it. We made mesquite pancakes and smashed acorns. Some of the tradition food that we eat in my family is fry bread. It always brings good memories with my grandparents whenever I eat fry bread. What comes to my mind when I was making food today, was the traditions the ancestors brought.


ps. I love Kat, Kyla, and Trisha



The talk with Saginaw Grant was good because he was giving good advice to the youth and giving a story to us. I liked how he was giving us a inspiring story for us. We also talked to Joe Parker on the Idle no more and giving us more information and the background to it and I really liked it.



Today there was so much that was going on and it was so hot! Today I made so new friends and I call them the double D’s. What I though about the museum was a lot better than last year. All the stuff that we saw last year were gone and returned to there original places which was very exciting to see. I’m that are blogs from last were seen and made a change on returning the art. Anyways with all the love peace out



Hey guys,

My name is Jessica and I’m going to be senior this upcoming year. I go to Warren High School in Downey. This is my third year attending the pipeline program and my last time. I’m also Choctaw which is from Oklahoma. Some of the things I like to do is play softball and I also love to travel with friends. I see myself attending college and pursing my dream job as being a nurse.



Day 13th

The Common application is a online application that helps you search and apply for the college you want to go to. This classed really helped me by seeing the university I wanna go to and getting a understand on application when you apply for the university or college. When applying for the common app they need to know the major they wanna do, what career they wanna do in the future, and what college or university they wanna go too. It’s important for students to do research on the college before you apply because you wanna know the background of the school. It’s important to write a strong college essay so they get know you better as a person. Some tips on writing a strong college essay is be honest and be yourself and stay on topic. Some tips on telling your own story is be yourself and tell the reader who you are as a person.

Day 12

The three aspects of a Indigenous Culture/Community that prepare me to be a successful and have a meaningful is life is singing, elders, and ceremony.   Ceremonies can have  a story be hide it and it teaches us.  Elders also helps me prepare me for a successful life because they teach the youth and there are very knowledgable. Participation in ceremony help me prepare me in college and further education because they teach me and could help you.