Day 11

When I was at Wishtoyo I made a anklet bracelet and a necklace but sadly I left it there. I really enjoy making the necklace even though it was hard and long process. The teaching or lessons that relate more to me was learning about someone else culture and the respect for someone else.My favorite cultural experience was the entire trip over there learning new songs.Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 8.34.21 PM

Day 9

1. It’s important for Native youth to tell their own story because people need to see and understand a Native youth story and background of their own story. To get a insight on how they feel and who they are.

2. When telling your story you tell a background of yourself and who you think you are. When telling your story it’s also important because it can be passed down to children about their sacred story.

3. My favorite book is probably Looking for Alaska because she writes diaries on how she feels and what she going through. It also speaks to other teens because they have gone through the same thing as her.

Day 7

My favorite part of native cooking with Kim Marcus was trying new Native food even thought I didn’t like the pudding one. My job was cracking acorns and making the powder smooth.

Day 6

The things that I miss from home are my dogs and my bed. One thing that makes it hard from being away from home is not being able to sleep in and one thing that is great about being away from home is not seeing my annoying sisters. My day today was actually good especially when we went to Mount Baldy because we went off campus which I like instead of being stuck in class all day. The hike up there was tiring but it was pretty too. One thing I wished we did was go to the waterfall.

Day 5


When I was in the museum felt like the lady who was explaining all this stuff didn’t know nothing about it. When Joe came in and actually explained everything about the stuff made me happy because the lady was actually getting mad lol. The people who put all these stuff in a museum should know and learn about the piece. What I wanna major in it won’t mix together into my culture. My day today was pretty good especially theater class because it’s helping kinda getting out of my shell, but overall my day was pretty chill.

Day 4

Some resources that I know that will help me go to college is TANF. TANF is temporary assistance for needy family. This will help me because they help me prepare and guide me to college. My friend Elena is guiding me to college and preparing me. My day today was tired because there was a lot of talking and sitting.

Day 3

5 reasons that make it hard for Native American students to attend college

  1. A lack of encouragement and interpersonal support (emotional or financial) can cause a Native student not to pursue college or to drop out.
  2. A lack of support from their family
  3. stereotype
  4. Drug and alcohol affect them
  5. Having kids and effecting them and not having enough time to go to college

My day today was overall good. The best part of my day was when the two visitors than came today and talked about what’s happening today. I learned about that you have to respect yourself and be careful of your surroundings.


The five reason college is important for me is because I wanna get a good job in computer science, have a good life, be a good role model, be successful, and make a lot of money. My day today was good and especially when we went to Scott to swim even though I didn’t go in.