5 reasons that make it hard for Native American students to attend college

  1. A lack of encouragement and interpersonal support (emotional or financial) can cause a Native student not to pursue college or to drop out.
  2. A lack of support from their family
  3. stereotype
  4. Drug and alcohol affect them
  5. Having kids and effecting them and not having enough time to go to college

My day today was overall good. The best part of my day was when the two visitors than came today and talked about what’s happening today. I learned about that you have to respect yourself and be careful of your surroundings.


One thought on “Day 3

  1. Hey Jessica in order to add to your observations of what can be done to protect yourself, I think part of it is also raising families that respect all living things and have compassion, Native Philosophy and Native Practices are what our world needs very badly.

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