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I can honestly say every day these new friends I’ve made in the program have made me laugh so to the point where I run out of breath. I know this is our last week together but I will cherish and make as many memories that I can with them. I know it’s going by too fast but I really love how we all bond so well with each other and we’ve only been around each other for a week and a half. I will miss you all so much when we say our goodbyes.

Starting the day off at 5:30 to do sunrise was a struggle, but today was remarkable because we all got to raise the sun. Even though it took two hours by the time the sun finally came out I felt so energized and happy to experience it. Today at Western University was fun. We learned a lot of new information about nutrition and fitness. We also got to do some hands on cooking which was really awesome because we all went in there not knowing what we were going to cook and we eventually made very tasty food so now ending the night we be amazing because we all get to go to bed on time! Image

I definitely miss my Chumash family ❤

My last blog- Luna

Today is our last blog for now. I am very thankful to have met you all(: I am also proud of myself and my peers that we accomplished these past two weeks together. I will miss each and every one of you, you guys were all  unique in your own ways. I learned a lot about the health sciences and different cultural dances. I enjoyed my time here and i can’t wait to come back next year. At least most of us live in California so keep in touch so we can have a little reunion. bye you guys ❤

yesterday_ Luna

Yesterday at Western University was wonderful because some of us got to learn about the cadavers, the human brain,and the heart. After the lab we all got our certification that we know a lot about diabetes which was exciting. Then, we took plenty of pictures and when we got back to Pitzer most of us went to the gym so it was fun because we were all each others motivation 😀 then we had a class with Geri Keams that was very interesting cause we all made up stories within 25 minutes and then ended up being great(: Also, props to Mika for taking all these great pictures of us the past two weeks and spending most of his days with us 😛ImageImageImage This is for Brittany >;D

yesterday & today-Luna

Yesterday was fun because we got to go travel to Pechanga and visit the great oak and learn about the trees history and the tribes history. Shout out to Paul Macarro for showing us around. Then, we drove to Dr. Rega’s house and had a pool party which was absolutely fun and i think we all had a great time cooling off. When we came back to Pitzer we had a class with Deron Marquez he taught us about tribal government which gave me a lot of information to learn from. Today, when everyone woke up and went to ceremony Adelina Padilla spoke to us and her story was really touching deep down because she went though so much but she is a strong women and i respect that because sometimes people think they have it bad when in reality someone else always has it worse. I’m excited for right now to see the cadaversImage