Tamela’s farewell

I would just like to sa its was a blessing to been have an acqaintence with u all. I would like to bless you all with your journey of life and let you know that anything is possible. I would also like to let you all know how thankful i am for this wonderfulll opportuity and experience.  I would like to thank you for making an effort of attending the native pipeline. I would also like to tell you that i am very thankful to have got the chance to meet you all and that commnication is important. I would like for us to keep acquainted, so we could all know how each other are doing. I am always giong to be here for all of you so keep that in mind and you can hity me up whenever and you will definitely get a response 😀 SO I would just like to say i am thankful and blessed to be here, all of you also. So as i leave here tomorrow i would want somethiog to remmber you all by 😀 I also want to know your birthdays and mailing address so maybe ill send u something for it 😀 So as of now bless youall ad  HAVE A GOOD AWESOME WONDERFUL DAY ❤

Oh My Facebok- Tamela Mwcl Flh


email- nvj-rockest16@hotmail.com

What iv been up to for the past few days….

In The last couple of days we had went to help in the garden to help our elders  to work on the garden of medicanal plants and many other important plants. I also helped alex with the brick layering its was awesome to get an experience in walls, i know some brick layers now i know what they are working with..  we also had some BOMB salsa we also helped harvesting.. 😀

Red CLOud was a performance i was waiting for and was so glad to see and hear his words in person. Chrystal Lightning was nice to meet she is an actress  slash Dj which i thougt was really cool because DJing seems really fun. One Day i would like to learn hows to DJ because i am vwery interesting in sppinin them turn tables.

Meeting the people i have meant and have tooken the effort to meet me is a pleasure and i am thankful meet u all.. For those who i have not totally meant  I would like to say i am pleased to be in your presense and am so sorry to not be as open as i can be. But i just would like to say i am interested in all of your thoughts and lives, wanting to know more of your cultures and lives.

I am Very thankful to to be here with you all here at the pipeline  studetns and mentors an dalso a big thanks to Robert KNapp our grandfather and Scott Scoggins for giving us  all this wonderful opportunity to a better life and style to live and look forward to. I would like to say that i am very happy to be here with all of you guys and am thankful for this wonderful kowledge that we are being taught here at the pipeline 😀

 Yesterday we helped at the PItxer Garden at the medicinal garden which was great. I planted a blue lilac flower:D  Its was so hott outside yesterday i think i got darker which aint that great haha but it was so nice to help the plants and help our gardenershere at pitzer. YEsterday We also went to LA  to visit a garden  and learned of manyplats and ways of thier uses. And I am very thankful for our teachers  and for thier wonderful blessing. I was very happy and thankful to see josie and to hear her wonderful voice and songs 😀 Thankful to have her in my life and u should be to 😀 

Today is a new day to live:D HAVE A GOOD ONE everyPNE 😀 ❤

U dont have to be blood to be part of my family :D <3

Do you have a valuable, which is so precious to you; perhaps you would offer all to give to have it in your life? As for me, yes, I do have that precious thing in my life that I would describe as to means the world to me. That precious item is my family, which I know will forever be with me at any point of time.  To me family is not only the same bloodline or same relatives, but it is a place to belong and to be loved. My family is who has ever been there long enough to call my family or relatives. My family is who has been there for me to go and talk to whom would have to be someone I can trust. In my life, my family is always going the most valuable item in life that will forever be with me, no matter what, even after the day I past, they will still be in my relations.

My family is so valuable to me mainly because of all of their support they provide and all the motivation they give me.  They have always wanted for me to achieve a higher education to succeed in a great career.  They also give me confidence on how to live a positive life style and they build my self-esteem with many wonderful thoughts.  So whenever I need some advice or another’s perspective I would always and definitely look towards my families’ point of view, because I’m positive they know what is the best for me in any situation.  Through my life, my family will always be there for me to go to, so I am very glad and thankful to have them in my life.

If I not at all had my family, I would in no way know where I would be today. My family will always stand by my side and will always be with me in my heart. For those who were the ones that were there lecturing me and telling me what is the best thing to do in life, I do not know where I would be if it was not for them. They were always there to tell me of what is right and what is wrong to do and of the many consequences to face. My family has given me the best thing in life which is life, motivation and love which have shaped me to be who I am and where I stand today.  So I am very thankful for those people I call family in my life, because if it wasn’t for them I would have not made it this far in life alone.

Tips for DOCs :D

I like my doctor to care and to want the best for me i would like to be connected with my doctorand i would want to be able to tell them anything and i would like to feel comfortable around them.. I would like my doctor to always smile and not seem so busy 😀