day 12: zion

today was pretty cool we had most of the same classes with and extra two classes . the two extra classes were very interesting both very power fully messages about change and how to better your self and your community. Joshua hathaway spoke very strongly about decolonize and i appreciate that so much he had no chill but it was a good no chill he did because he cared about us. we also had a class with Katharine Walken talked about the power of writing and hoe detail is the best way to write

day 10 zion

today we went to western university its a fairly sized university very humbly placed it was only two roles of buildings it reminded me of the community it cowboy movies. we learned how native medical students cope with there spiritual and medical lives. in most native american community its not ok or not preferred to do surgery. so it kind of go agents there tribal beliefs but they go through special ceremony so they can stay safe. we came back to Pitzer and went to aztec math class it was very productive he clarified many doubts about dividing equations and place vale. about an hour after that class we attended a very intreating class called Vertigo in the Diaspora. from my understanding the class was very well based around civil rights activism in a collage setting/community. i found i very interesting the topic on injustices on a collage campus and any talk on civil rights and activism

zion day 10 change

today we met with joe parker a white hair, nice pair of glasses, nicely dressed middle aged white man. Imagine a bear in a four cornered room walking around writing on a black board. I compare him to a bear because bears are strong and he has a lot of wisdom. When he passed out his papers I got excited because it was about the zapatista movement. I felt like we learned from eachother. I kind of corrected him. He wrote women and I told him to write it with a y (Womyn). He was like woah. And surprised. Everyone else in the room was like what are you talking about. I explained it to kids who asked me after class. I told them its a womyns empowerment movement. My mom put me into that she said “its womyn spelled with a y!” I tried to think about it today. So the word women has the word men in it so the only way they can self identify is with the wo because theyre not a man unless they identify as a man.

He had a lot of knowledge about revolution and that kind of stuff. He was a white man, but he knew what he was talking about. And I want to know what im talking about, when that knowledge needs to be shared.

8 days of NYTC 2017 ZION R A

Well were back from Wishtoyo i feel kind of sad but im happy with the time we had there. todays native games with tata Hector and tata john were great i had a fun time playing flower wars relating to it. was great to sing the womyns song with my brothers and tata caldonache teachings are so beautiful. good to work on common app with Shelva and our statments thank you so much

Wishtoyo zion

wishtoyo was great. as we arrived the Chumash people welcomed us with open arms and i greatly appreciate that. all the knowledge they trusted us with was life changing such as inviting me into his Temescal and the sacred geometry with tata Joe Clues. I had a great time talking to tata Joe Clue at the beach about music his art and his participation in the native american movement. had a great time with Mati he invited me into his Temescal i will never forget that. tata Candonache shared very sacred and dear knowledge about or people and i want to thank hims do much. i am so thankful to be there to celebrate nana julians birthday with her.

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day 5 zion

today was a great day woke up to a good run and practice indigenous tactics for flower wars game. the game tactics were also used when aztec warriors went to war thats how i related to that activity today through my ancestry. after that we had aztec math with the nepoualtitntin every minute a spend with tata Vicente my mind gets blowed. had a great times weaving my bird nest 35138923993_6e36ba47fa_k

day 3/4 zion

Day 3

Day 3 was very productive we made soap stone with the beautiful Auntie Julia she always makes me smile. Auntie Julia was sitting under a fairly new olive tree i walked up to the table and she gave me a life changing choose whether my bear is going to be green brown or black i picked the smallest one. Turned around looking for a chair like a hawk looks for food I find one and dive for like a seagull dive for a fish. i sit down and start to chisel like crazy at my stone bear find my self done 15 minutes later