Second last blog from Victor…

Today was truly sad, simply for the fact that we ended writing and aztec math classes today :(. I started of my morning doing danza, which reminded me of the morning ceremonies that I did growing up in Anahuacalmecac. Sooo we finished write class today along with my Common App. and I had a hard time today when writing about my Abuelita Flora’s passing , but she wouldn’t want me sad.  Finally we ended our atzec math class today and the one thing I learned today was that my people didnt sacrife other people and that it was a lie made up the Vatican and Cortez. I knew it all along.


Victor: 4 Days left?!?!

Felt pretty tired this morning… But I started the day with Indigenous Games which boosted me up for the day. I went to work on my common applications and fabricating the foundation of the essay, which i’m going to start writing tonight. After that I went to Aztec Math which was awesome as always but i’m a little sad that that’s going to end in a couple of days 😦 . Then we had a class on Social Movements which was AWESOME!!!! We talked about the Zapatistas and the Idle No More movements and I received lots of new information on those movements.

Victor: Back to life, Back to reality

Indigenous Games was the best way to start this morning. We finally got to play the Flowers of War game and it was a fun, strategical and challenging game to play. After that, we had breakfast then proceeded to our Common Application class. Today in class, I was able to finish my body paragraphs for my Common App. Then we had Aztec Math, which is a class im always looking forward to go to because im always learning something new and the material taught in the class is interesting. We had dinner then we gathered up with all the men and we talked about death and how different peoples of this land address or feel about it and we also sang the Honoring Women song before being dismissed into Blogging.

A trip to the Place of the Rainbow

In the Chumash language, Wishtoyo means Rainbow. When arriving to the place of the Rainbow, I heard such beautiful voices coming from the entrance way. I seen Mati, Luhui, Sarah and the rest of their family with such big and wide smiles. I felt like crying when seeing such wonderful people once more. After getting off the van, I witness such positive energy and a great aura emanating from them. Once they sang to us, I went up to every single person and hugged them with so much joy, that it was overwhelming. Then we had a ceremony for our arrival to Wishtoyo that gave such a good feeling and positive energy. Hearing the voice of Mati and sharing his teachings, made me feel at home. Wishtoyo does feel like a second home.

Throughout the day of arrival, spent a lot of time settling into our tents and the feel of the place. That same day, Joe Clues showed us Sacred Geometry that interested me to be involved in. He taught me how to the Geometry is involved and connected to patterns and things in the universe. Since I have such a great love for mathematics and the universe, I was one hundred percent focused on his words and what he was teaching me. I spent the first night of sleep outside looking at the stars with my friend Cuauhtli and opening up to each other like I’ve never done before. The sound of the ocean was so soothing and beautiful that it made the even better.

The next day, I made a necklace using a plant called Yaka. I hit the plant with a rock until the strands of fibers started to show and part. Then, I pulled the strands of fiber apart in half and began to time the strands of fibers into a necklace. I was unable to decorate the necklace, but I did finish and let it dry. Again, we had another class of Sacred Geometry that taught even more. At the end of day, I went to the bottom of Wishtoyo where we created a fire with rocks for sweat ceremony. It took about two to three hours for the rocks to get fully heated. We entered the area for the sweat ceremony. The first round began and it felt good but very hot at the same time. We sang and had prayers which made me feel united with everyone in there. I excited after the first round but I felt like I could’ve lasted more. The ceremony did not end until around six the next morning. I only had about two hours of which made me feel tired and exhausted throughout the rest of the day. When we left, I felt so sad but so happy to have gone to Wishtoyo and been around the elders and everyone else.