Natalie – My First Day (Post 1)


I’m Natalie, I’m an urban indigenous youth born and raised in Los Angeles. 

Today was my first day in participating in a two week native program. I was looking forward to a fun day, and the program already exceeded my expectations. I’m excited for the next two weeks and I can’t wait to build stronger relationships with my peers!29379046278_081315d668_z42530462614_815ebc6ce7_z42530906714_b58f668691_z42530908754_0e180d15d9_z


Genna – Filmmaker – Intro (Post 1)


I’m Genna. I recently graduated from Pitzer College and am super excited to work for the Pitzer Native Youth 2 College Summer Program again this year. 

I am a media and filmmaker, artist, and teacher. I like to take photos, travel, and spend time in nature (especially the mountains and trees). 

Feel free to ask me any questions about WordPress and media. I’m happy to help! 

Lets have a great two weeks! 




Today was completely unknown. I was unable to attend the first day of last year’s program. Today made me more comfortable than I already was. Sadly my family were not able to attend the orientation because of work, but their were there in spirit giving me positive energy. It was good seeing my friends and familiar faces from last year, but was good seeing new faces that I could now get know. It was good seeing Elder Vicente presenting the Nepuhuatzintzin, a tool that is very familiar to me which is being taught at my school. It was a good feeling to know that a part of my culture is going to implemented into program in the future.

The theater session with Professor Lu was a very fun and interactive experience that allowed to become more comfortable with the new students attending. Every activity helped me start to build bonds with the people I worked with and hopefully with the rest of people who in the program. It really excited me to do the mirror activity with someone who I hadn’t talked to or interacted with, so it was really heart warming to copy and lead with my partner. Then unfortunately my clapping stick broke and I ran out of time to make another one. But I became happy when we had a talk group and shared what our rock was. Everyone’s rock was about someone or something that gives them happiness or the influence that made them who they are today.  Today was a really good First First Day.





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Victor Munoz: No Longer Isolated

First moment i walked in Pitzer, I was unsure. Was new to this program, didn’t know lots of people except some old friends I knew from my old school, Anahuacalmecac. I loved the orientation that was held for us, we were introduced to our mentors and speakers we would have later this week and we danced to bird songs at the end of it as a blessed welcoming. After that we went to a theater workshop that was fun, I was familiar with some of the activities we did because I attend a performing arts school and its was very correlated to dance. Then we made our own Clappersticks, which was challenging but fun. After dinner we got in a circle and we all shared about our name, tribal affiliation and someone that is important to us, and for that I shared that my mom played a big role in my life because she birthed me and raised me through all the hell that was going on throughout my time and i love and appreciate her for putting up with me and teaching me much about my culture. And now I’m here, blogging, in a computer lab. I didn’t think for my first day here I would be talking to many people that I know and didn’t know, they all kept me all day in an optimistic mode. In the words of The Stylistics, “People Make the World Go ‘Round”.