Solving Big Problems: Blog Prompt Day 3

How can the concepts of communication and community that you practiced in Mexica Flower Wars with Hector help us solve some of the environmental and Indigenous rights issues that you discussed earlier in the day with Angela?

Think about the topics you presented on from your own communities with Angela.

Reflect on what you shared in the circle after Mexica Flower Wars.

Brainstorm! Get creative! Think out of the box!

Genna – Filmmaker – Intro (Post 1)


I’m Genna. I recently graduated from Pitzer College and am super excited to work for the Pitzer Native Youth 2 College Summer Program again this year. 

I am a media and filmmaker, artist, and teacher. I like to take photos, travel, and spend time in nature (especially the mountains and trees). 

Feel free to ask me any questions about WordPress and media. I’m happy to help! 

Lets have a great two weeks!