Jasson Murgo: Autonomy lab

Today we went to Western University for an autonomy lab. I have never seen a cadaver before, so I was pretty nervous. Although I was nervous, I was still excited to be there, mostly curious. I knew it was either going to be a really good experience or bad experience. Thankfully it was a really good experienced, I learned a lot about hearts and lungs. Its crazy to think that there are so many people and every one of the hearts are different. I got to see the difference between abnormal hearts and normal hearts. Some hearts had valve diseases or clogs that give them abnormalities. Every little thing gives a physical change to heart. For example, there was this abnormal heart that had a valve disease which made the valve really stiff. This made the blood flow a lot harder than it should. Due to this, the heart was trying a lot harder to pump from one side which made the muscles get bigger. this caused the heart to grow huge on once side because of the extra effort of the muscles. I also learned how they input mechanical machines into the hearts. One of the hearts had a mechanical valve because of the heart I just described previously. When something stops working, there is a way to fix it. Another heart had a pacer connected to it in order to keeping pumping.

In terms of morality, I didn’t feel immoral thanks to the man that inspires me, Vicente. He smudged the whole group down before we went in. I thought that was really important because some cultures are very strict about cadavers, just like Katie McCray explained. Vicente smudging us down helped me and my conciseness think I’m safe. After we came out, I wanted to laugh. Vicente said he felt the bad energy and quickly smudges us down again. I believe the guy! Everything Vicente does for us is amazing. Even though he does take a while to talk, I don’t care because thats how indigenous people go. Indigenous people have always taken long talks and thats how it should be. I hope that I learn from him one day. Anyways the day was really great and I’m always up for new experiences.


No pictures today so here:

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Jason Murgo: My Idol and my legacy

A person who inspires me a lot is Tata Vicente. Everyday I see him walking around just spreading knowledge like its nobodies business! He carries his Nepohualtzinzin around and teachers anybody. My mentor told me that a landscaping guys told him that Vicente gave the landscaping guy’s son a two hour class. Now a days, people won’t give two hours of their time to spread knowledge. Vicente is a person I highly respect for that and I want to be like him. I want to show up with a Nepo and show people my knowledge, just like him. In these past days, he has taught me so much I feel proud. The legacy I want to leave behind is one that will inspire others to learn. Vicente says that the good students are the ones who seek knowledge on their own. I want to inspire people to do that. I want to be the person they seek, just like I seek Vicente for knowledge. I see him a a very important elder because I can ask him anything and he’ll have an answer that will blow my mind! Today I asked him a question about my essay for college. My essay is about existing, what is it to exist how? he said he would have an answer by tomorrow so stay tuned!


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Wishtoyo zion

wishtoyo was great. as we arrived the Chumash people welcomed us with open arms and i greatly appreciate that. all the knowledge they trusted us with was life changing such as inviting me into his Temescal and the sacred geometry with tata Joe Clues. I had a great time talking to tata Joe Clue at the beach about music his art and his participation in the native american movement. had a great time with Mati he invited me into his Temescal i will never forget that. tata Candonache shared very sacred and dear knowledge about or people and i want to thank hims do much. i am so thankful to be there to celebrate nana julians birthday with her.

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