Natalie – My First Day (Post 1)


I’m Natalie, I’m an urban indigenous youth born and raised in Los Angeles. 

Today was my first day in participating in a two week native program. I was looking forward to a fun day, and the program already exceeded my expectations. I’m excited for the next two weeks and I can’t wait to build stronger relationships with my peers!29379046278_081315d668_z42530462614_815ebc6ce7_z42530906714_b58f668691_z42530908754_0e180d15d9_z


HEY EVERYONE!!!!!!! Im here to dedicate everyone from Pitzer to show them that we are all connected as one soul :3 “Jessica V. my awsome mentor!!, Manny XD my new friend LOL, Sky My new BFF, Kapele 😀 keep wearing that gir shirt, Fabian XP BAKA! Keep drawing man!!!, Elka Ur amazing in every way, Christa Keep loving the animals GIRL!! ;P, Alex DO ur Beyonce dance girl!!, Nick ROCK ON!!! XD, Amber Keep folding those papers :D!!!!!, Rebecca Keep shining your hidden talents ;P!!!, Alejandro (do not know how to spell) RAP WITH ALL UR MIGHT!!!!, Monica Keep being AWSOME!!!!!! ;3, Venessa U will always be dear to my heart!!! ❤ <3, Scotty U have been an awsome person since the first day we all met u!!!! And ur GF Is awsome too XD, AND EVERYONE ELSE WHO PITCHED IN FOR THE FUN LOL!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE U GUYS FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART!!!!!!!! "WE ARE FAMILY!!!"