8 days of NYTC 2017 ZION R A

Well were back from Wishtoyo i feel kind of sad but im happy with the time we had there. todays native games with tata Hector and tata john were great i had a fun time playing flower wars relating to it. was great to sing the womyns song with my brothers and tata caldonache teachings are so beautiful. good to work on common app with Shelva and our statments thank you so much

Benjamin is back Pitzer!!

Being back at Pitzer is nice but I miss Wishtoyo. We started off the morning with Hector and John, we all played the best game in the world. The game was a good way to start off the morning. I had a good time with Shelva with writing. Aztec math was once again the best activity, Vincente has so much knowledge to teach us and we love to hear his words. I had such a great day back at Pitzer.