So, today is, Wednesday and we visited Western University where the students learned about the different types of medicine and medical fields. We first learn the difference between a MD and DO. (I think??) Anyways, basically one has more hours learning… like 408 more hours… and they also learn how to treat the patient better. This is because they learn how to use their hands and feel what is wrong with the body. Mike one of the students there tried to fix my lower back but the table that was there was not the best and he just couldn’t really pop anything. However, he got some of the other mentors kinks out… which is awesome. We next went to the thing lab where the vets learn how to stitch things up and give shots. I did my first suture which was awesome and it came out good… makes me think I could do that…jk! The last part, before the q&a, was the anatomy lab where we learn more about the brain, the heart, and the lungs. I got to hold them!!! which was cool. Now we are all blogging…. and I’ll admit that I am tired and ready to eat.

: )

Alexandra Mojado-Jimenez

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