“In Whose Honor? : American Indian Mascots Sports” by Jay Rosenstein Featuring Charlene Teters (spokane) was a very heart-touching and shocking thing for me to see. I disliked how they treated her and how they pulled her hair, threw thing at her, spit on her, and called her names. I can see and feel how Charlene feels its so hurtful and i don’t think you could get over something so traumatizing like this. Although all this happened i liked how charlene stood up for what she believed in and took a strong stand not backing down. She even even got calls and death threats from people and her children sometimes had to face this problem with her. I also hated the people and their stereotypes because they weren’t true they were just all wrong and they think they know a little bit of knowledge because they’ve seem a movie or read a history book.

1). At What point did you think about giving up and stop what you were doing?

2). What kind of questions did your children ask you when you were going through the bad emotions and feelings?How did they feel?


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