What is my ideal physician?

  • Friend who won’t lie to you, send you off with just regular antibiotics, cares for your well being, and let you know if there is a problem.

what should my doctor know about me and my people?

  • Native Americans have a higher risk of diabetes, some native Americans have a different life style than other people, Families may also yield some sickness that they may not know about.

What questions should a doctor have?

  • What kind of foods do you eat? Do you know of anything that runs in the family and kind of sickness?

Any good or bad experiences with doctors

  • When my cat was suffering from a urinary blockage we had him taken to the vet and they cleared it out and he was fine, i was relieved they were able to flush out the blockage and enabled him to use the bathroom properly if we had waited longer he wouldn’t have made it.
  • When i was a little baby i had an odd infection in my throat i was taken to the hospital to have it taken out, i am very grateful it was taken out or i would have had white lumps on my throat


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