What’s the ideal doctor-patient relationship?

A doctor should understand a bit about you, in a way you can’t approach every patient the same way. Some patients would want to be more up front while others may want more of a friend basis.

What should your doctor know about you and/or your people?

Diabetes is all too common in our people. Some may hold the old traditions and not like pills and other kinds of modern day treatments.

What type of questions should your doctor have for you?

Questions about eating habits and exercise are very important, make sure to address the risk of Diabetes.

Any good or bad experiences with doctors?

Most of my visits with doctors have been well, though I know a friend who has been treated horribly due to mental illnesses and the reactions people give her because of that. Many doctors became very hostile towards her when she told them she had decided against taking medicines, only because they all had bad side effects as well. We live in a world very based around the belief that a simple pill can fix anything and everything, though that is not entirely so. Doctors should be ready to help guide a patient towards a path to better help without the wish of medicine if the patient so chooses, peacefully.

One thought on “Western University questions.

  1. What Derby16 says is true about his people having to struggle with diabetes. Most Native Americans are predisposed to diabetes. We have to be more diligent with the choices that we make when it comes diet and what we choose to put in our bodies. Good work at bringing this subject to the forefront, Derby16.

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