Well for the past few days we all learned about Diabetes, the native plants to california, Drums, and met crystal lighting!

So in Diabetes we learn about Type I&II, which is something we thing is not that dangerous but after that, I know now that it is something that could kill alot of people!

The native plants to California was the most awesome!! We worked hard, and became closer to the earth. So after we worked we ate and for some reason the food tasted alot bettter!

The drum making was awesome too!! It was my first drum that i have ever made! So making it was one of a kind….

And meeting Crystal Lighting was cool. Well I didnt know I knew her for awhile like the movie she showed in or the games she lended her voice for PREY! Well PREY is the first video game to have a native american as a the main character, and she voiced the main character girlfriend. Sadly in the end of the game she died!! awwww…..

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