My name is Alyssa Smallwood  I am from the lummi nation in washington. I enjoy traveling and learning while i travel. I love meeting new people. The reason i signed up for the pipeline was because for a few obvious reasons such as, traveling, meeting new people,  getting to see a collage campus, and learning to be independent. if i am being completely honest i wasn’t sure if i was going to come my cousin Mackayla was a huge part of me coming. my first day was quite entertaining i imaged it to be more like calm and not as energetic. i was very excited to come here and i have expectations for how it goes and the first day was what i wanted it to be. it was clearly a good first day.


2 thoughts on “alyssa’s first day

  1. Hi Alyssa! We’re glad that Mackayla helped you decide to come to the Pipeline Program. You won’t regret it; next year, I bet you’ll be the first one to sign up! 🙂

  2. Alyssa, your reasons for coming to the program are powerful! Independence is such a great this to search for and I’m excited that the Pipeline serves as a way for you to practice and strengthen that skill!

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