Im Trisha Smith from Bellingham WA (Lummi) I like pizza, video games (I miss my tv already :D) there is also my favorite color is purple. I want to come to a California college. I l like making weird sounds when I’m bored. In my near future I want to get into business and own a business here in California.

I have returned again because I think this a great program. To help try new things and I can be shy or very happy and out goings SOMETIMES. Mackayla also was happy about coming back all year so she made me happy about coming back.

My First Day:

I’ve been happy to see everyone again and all the new people. The icebreakers were very fun to play. I really want to go shopping and play volleyball.

I have now nothing else to say :O


2 thoughts on “Trisha’s First/ Second Day :)

  1. Hey Trisha! Guess what’s for lunch?? Your fav food. 🙂 and maybe we can play volleyball one day too!

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