5 things that can make it hard for Native American students to attend college:

1. lack of  educational support

2.people that are bad influences

3. When your family says they have no money and you feel like there are no other options

4.finding references for college apps.

5. when ants keep crawling on my arms


I had a tiring day, i had 6 hours  of sleep last night, I loved the speakers today, if i yawned a bunch I’m sorry!!!!!, I like to make people feel comfortable in the environment that they’re in. I liked having rose and those other two women speak about sex trafficing I love the topic, social justice. I learned a lot about a couple months ago. how things are unjustified and very justified. I like to watch for those types of things when I’m watching movies about social justice, I have a huge interest in that. well i hope everyone has a good night :)))))))))))))))))))))))))


2 thoughts on “add me on IG @cecelairene real quick #3

  1. Aha! I learned something new about Cece this evening – she is committed to learning about Social Justice issues – this makes me smile and look forward to hearing more about social issues that are close to your heart and change you want to make! 🙂

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