Things that might hold native youth from proceeding from college would be teen pregnancy. That is a lot more common then you think. I actually know a few people who have gotten pregnant at a young age. They still have a job and a place to live but they have struggled more than they should have. If you have the right mind set you can make it. Another thing that may hold you back from going to college would be not having enough money. Poverty is what mostly what affects the people from my rez anyway. Grades have a great affect on your opportunity to go to college. Being independent is also a big deal when leaving to college. Not everyone can just up and leave across the country. Sometimes it is difficult to leave home when you have certain responsibilities there such as taking care of siblings, supporting family and being a role model for my siblings.

Reflection:  Today was a great day I got to hear my friend sing. I got to meet some more new people and learn even more new things. I was thinking about how much i was going to learn within the whole time I’m here. I have already learned so mush and its only the second day.


One thought on “The struggles of college

  1. Thanks for your personal insights Alyssa on how youth in your community are struggling and happy to hear your enthusiasm for what you are learning while you are here. 🙂

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