My parents never completed college, my mom is working on it but is always busy with providing for my sisters and I. The five things that makes it difficult for Native American students to attend college would be: Loss of Hope, Alcohol and drugs, early pregnancies, dark pasts, and sometimes insecurities. These play major roles in everybody’s lives, which cause long term effects.

Today I felt a little homesick when Scott and many of the Lummi girls asked my sister and I to sing. I started to miss my older sister and I teared up while listening to the stories in our Cultural class, it made me think of the experiences my older sisters have been through, it made me feel worried and scared about their pasts, it also made me think that the choices I make decide my fate, because my 4 oldest sisters never went to college; they were hurt, became pregnant, and felt left out by my mom. Since my first, second, and fifth oldest sisters are working on their college degrees right now, i want to be able to be the fourth person in my family to receive an education in the major I want.

The classes we had today are becoming a lot more exciting, I feel way more energetic for the day because of our first class, which is Theatre. The Western U class was amazing because we got to research our tribes and investigate the diseases that killed off 90% of the Aboriginal people in the 1800s. It felt good to learn more things about my ancestors. I feel proud and honored to be a Native American.


3 thoughts on “#peachesforlife

  1. Dani – very moving story you have shared about your older sisters, proud of you for wanting to become the fourth in your family to get the education and recognizing that choices you make now can determine your future. 🙂

  2. Thank you again for that song Dani! I learned about your treaty and its effect on the people in a powerful way. I got goosebumps. (Also random side thought: if you were willing/able, this would be a good song to teach the young students at Lummi about their history and not through a textbook!)

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