Reasons that keep Native youth from not going to college.

1. Most natives are caught up in drugs and alcohol.

2. Financial reasons not having enough money to pay for tuition

3. not having the supports to push them to go to college

4. over all just being Native is kinda a barrier

5. having children at a young age and not having time

Today was a good day I liked hearing the stories of our guest speaker and our elder. It made me think that i should listen to my mom when she doesn’t want to to go out. it can be as easy as walking to the store and i may not come back. so i really liked the advice and stories they had to tell us.


2 thoughts on “day 3

  1. Having rose and Lydia(?) come out and speak was good, I agree. A lot of the times our parents tell us rules, but because we don’t know the reasons why behind them, we think they’re dumb/mean/unnecessary.

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