Native youth commonly face challenges to block their road to college. However, I am confident that all obstacles can be overcome. 20 youth currently enrolled in the 2015 Pitzer Pipeline are living examples of my statement. Many of us first handedly face obesity, alcoholism, diabetes, and other communal issues back home. We are the descendants of warriors who stood up to powers craving land, slaves, and outright colonization of indigenous peoples. The task at hand was to write about 5 things that can make it hard for Native American students to attend college. However, I am straying away from it with a purpose. This piece of work is dedicated to all Native youth who find themselves reading this. You already know the struggles; you live with them. I seek to motivate you to continue on. All human beings are walking on our Mother Earth for a reason, because all life is special. Listen. Share. Observe. Find your place in your community and love your people, for it is an important practice often times long forgotten. Our children need love, guidance, and more love. Simply acknowledging a person can change their life. Let us practice the old ways again. Tlatzocamate, Ela:kwa, Aho.


2 thoughts on ““But What About All Those Promises?” -Kaaat, Dani

  1. Wow Tecpatl – thank you for this, and thank you for challenging the basic prompt I offered with your deep insights and powerful words about your history, love for your people, and your determination for shaping future that respects life, encourages love, and listening. You have inspired me!

    1. Very insightful and true to our indigenous ways.. We had ancestors that dies for us and you are the perfect example of someone that will carry that pride and honor, oha mitakoysin, tazacolmate

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