What makes it hard for Native American students to attend college?

1. You will have self doubt.

Never doubt yourself, everyone deserves an education!

2. You struggle with the thoughts of money.

Grasp all the opportunities school and your tribe will provide you with. (scholarships,financial aid, ect.)

3. Leaving your family, friends and home.

It’ll be hard to attend school missing your loved ones, but make them proud!

4. Struggling with applications, essays and grades.

The hard work will pay off!

5. Surrounded by no motivation.

Surround yourself with others who want to pursue the same path.


Todays’s reading in “The absolutely true diary of a part-time Indian” 

I related to the story that growing up on the reservation is tough but if you want a better insight your future. If you’re looking at where you’re at, and its not where you want to be , that should be enough motivation to reach for your goals.


One thought on “Challenging the Indigenous to go to College

  1. I liked your responses Bc they are legit – everyone worries about money, new environments, fitting in. It’s important to not sugarcoat things but still offer hope/a way to go forward

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