When I hear about the word “college”, I think of the importance and the intensity of it that make it very intimidating.  I’ve noticed that in the past research that shows only a small quantity of Native Americans go to college; let alone, graduate high school.  My perspective on these occurrences trace to the understanding of people fearing the future.  Although that sounds bizarre, so does college seem to other Native American maturing forthcoming young adults.  The intimidation and at times the cost of college makes things seem even more complex to others.  They’re scared, poor, depressed, shy, and even chained to the responsibility that their parents hold them at.  Those things are what keeps one person from going through with finishing their lives with success and accomplishments.  I know that people aren’t dumb or retarded.  I know they are just not meant to become anyone big.  They can accomplish many things if they just have that bravery to continue with their path.  Just like Richard Trench once said, “A good ship is never tested in calm waters.” meaning we all need to go through those obstacles with confidence without giving in.  That’s what people really look into when getting to befriend someone.  It’s best if their friends will never let them down.

Today, participating with these exercise helped me into understanding on what career best suits me.  I’ve obtained many different academic qualities yet my irregular knowledge makes my life and career choices tougher to decide.  When people look at me, they think I’d be best at writing or doing astronomy or veterinarian work yet I don’t know what I should do.  There is the class Ms. Hurley occupies that leads me into becoming more decisive of my choices.  Later on, I’ll better understand each career and maybe come to a conclusion to set my life towards.  It’ll be very hard but I’ll get by. 🙂


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